Meet the team

What makes us different?


We are not just committed to the growth of our innovative product portfolio or the size of our company.

We are committed to the growth of YOU and each and every associate who joins our team.

We simply wouldn’t be who we are without our associates. Of course we are a medical device company but we are also in the business of people. The business of making a difference to millions of people’s lives all over the world each and every day. The business of developing, challenging and inspiring people who chose to work with us to innovate industry-leading and life changing products.

Mixing the ambition, ideas, passion and expertise of our associates with the vision and values that are embedded in our DNA; we strive every day, with each product, with each opportunity to make the very best impact we can on our customers, our environment, ourselves and our future.

The products we design change people’s lives and by joining our team, the work you do on a daily basis can truly make a difference and change someone’s life – that alone is a great reason to join our team.

However, why take our word for this? Why not hear from our most important assets – our associates, as to why they enjoy working at Owen Mumford. When asked in our recent Engagement Survey (2016) “What is the best thing about working for Owen Mumford” some of the responses are below.

“The people. Everyone here is phenomenal to work with and it truly feels like a team. Everyone is supportive and comes together to accomplish high goals. It makes us extremely strong and able to achieve almost anything”

“Inspirational roots of the company, i.e. family run, company created by real engineers. It’s a real success story"”

“Making a difference to people in their everyday lives. Engineering products which focus on user interaction and optimise the user experience. Ensuring a high level of quality is achieved to provide confidence and reassurance, encouraging patient compliance”

“You feel that the work you are doing really is making a difference to somebody's life. The product that we make is lifesaving and that's quite a satisfying thing to be a part of"The impact our products have on the lives of others”

“Dedication and hard work are valued, as is ingenuity. There is an openness that allows each employee to bring the best of themselves to their position”

“The people at OM are passionate, professional and dedicated to their individual tasks at hand. It has always been a friendly place to work with a good atmosphere which is critical to help get the job done”

“How I've witnessed the collective commitment of associates to consistently meet customer expectations”

“Friends I have made and job satisfaction when everyone pulls together makes me smile”

“Emphasis on Quality”

“Commitment to be the best service provider in market”

“I believe that OM cares strongly for both their customers and their employees. I believe that whatever effort you put in, you will be acknowledged for and appreciated. I feel that when my superiors see a strength of mine, they try to find ways to implement it and encourage its growth”

“Long term objectives and career stability”

“I like the location, atmosphere and facilities”

“Solid history”

“My immediate team are fantastic. There is a real sense of cohesion, trust, knowledge and sharing of best practice which drives commitment and positivity throughout the team”

“Work with a lot of good down to earth people who strive and believe in each other and what we are trying to accomplish together”

“Associates commitment to success”

“Despite significant growth since I started with the business, OM has still retained the feel of a small family company where you are an individual and not a number, where your opinion matters and where, as an individual, there are plenty of opportunities to positively impact on the future of the business”

“The people, that still care about OM and its future”

“The people, we have a very committed and focussed team who care very much about the future of the business. It is a pleasure to be a part of such a brilliant team”

“The culture and the problem solving”

“I am given the opportunity to explore the management style use. In this way, we are not restricted to do what is best and we can adjust to the needs of the organisation flexibly”

“The company leadership attaches great importance to the development of every employee”

“The ability to use my abilities to make a difference”

“My job has great intrinsic value and a sense of achievement”

“The corporate policy and spirit of wanting to do the best job possible for our end users is commendable and could make this one of the best places to work”

“Playing a part in making products that really make a difference to the end user”

“My line manager who is inclusive, motivating, developing and engaging”

“A family run business and take on feedback from the customers and can take it on board straight away”

“It has a great family feel and is very welcoming”

“Flexible and considerate”

“Is local and convenient to travel to”

“Job security”

“I believe Owen Mumford values its employees”

“Great people”


“Being part of the growth of the company”




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